Land and Plot: Key Differences

The terms land and plot are often used interchangeably but technically have different meanings. In this article, we will focus on the main difference between the concepts of land and plot.

What is Land?

Land refers to the portion of land that exists in its natural state, without any development plan or application. Raw land areas that are not subject to zoning plans and do not yet contain any structures or regulations are called land.

What is a Plot?

Land is created when a zoning plan or application is made on an area referred to as land. Land becomes land when access to facilities that will increase value for purposes such as housing, commercial and industry is provided. The land becomes a potential for earning.

Key Difference: Earning Potential

The main difference is that land does not yet have any potential to increase in value. Land, on the other hand, has the potential to increase in value as a result of zoning plans and implementations. Land usually becomes suitable for investment or construction purposes.

The terms "land" and "plot" generally acquire meaning in the context in which they are used. While land refers to natural lands that have not yet been regulated or planned, land becomes a category with potential for profit as a result of the development plans and applications made on this land.

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