Building Process on Zoned Land: Detailed Investigation

Building on zoned land requires a complex process. In this article, this process will be examined step by step and explained in detail.

Municipality Application and Permit:

As a first step, you should contact the municipality to find out what function and size of building can be permitted on the land. According to the planned areas regulation, the framework for the construction is determined.

Project Drawing:

The main framework of the project is drawn by an architect in accordance with the construction conditions determined by the municipality. Details such as the building's setbacks and height are specified in the project.

Technical Drawings and Documents:

After the project drawing, technical drawings and documents such as static, electrical, mechanical installation, application, site plan, road elevation, elevation section, natural ground and leveled ground elevations are prepared.

Municipality Application and Approval:

Before the start of construction, an application is made to the municipality with a building license, geological survey, building supervision contract and other necessary documents. The municipality approves or rejects the project after the application. In case of rejection, missing parts are revised.

License and Construction Phase:

After approval from the municipality, a license is obtained and a condominium easement application is made at the same time. The construction process begins and independent areas and sizes are determined.

Completed Project:

Once this procedural process is completed, an official and detailed document is obtained. When the construction is completed, the independent areas and their sizes are officially recorded.


Building on zoned land requires a detailed process involving municipal procedures, technical drawings and the construction process. Each stage is crucial to ensure that the project is formalized and carried out within the legal framework. 

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