Real Estate Investment: 5 Major Advantages of Investing in Real Estate for a Secure Future"

Today, many people aim to achieve their future financial goals by investing. Real estate investment has always been considered as an investment instrument. This investment style is considered a safer option than other investment instruments with many advantages. By investing in real estate, you can live a more comfortable life in the future and create an asset that you can bequeath to the future. In this article, we will explain why real estate investment is important, its future benefits, the possibilities of earning regular passive income and that it is a risk-free investment style.


Why Invest in Real Estate?

A Safe Investment: Real estate investment is a safer option than other investment instruments. Real estate can increase its value over time and become a profit for you.

A Legacy for the Future: Real estate investment offers the opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations. By investing in good real estate, you can give your family a financial asset and support their financial goals in the future.

Regular Passive Income: Real estate investment offers the opportunity to earn regular passive income. By investing in real estate, you can earn a regular passive income by renting out a house or apartment.

Protection Against Inflation: Investing in real estate protects against inflation. If you invest in a house or land, you are hedging against future inflation, as prices will increase over time. This has been clearly seen in recent times. Briefly, I would like to share a memory with you. In 2019, they reduced taxes by 0.69 in the second-hand housing campaign provided by the state. The prices of 1+1 real estate in an average residence in Kağıthane were 350,000 TL (65,000$). The excuse of investors who did not buy real estate at that time was that these prices were a bubble, we were getting feedback in the style of how much more it would increase. In October 2023, we sold the 350,000 TL apartment we bought to our investor at that time to another investor for 4,100,000 TL (144,000$). As we have seen in this example, investment is always a must in inflationary countries. We clearly see the gain in foreign exchange. Dear readers, never forget this. Foreign currency is not an investment tool, it is only a short-term waiting tool.

Tax Advantage: By investing in real estate, you can benefit from tax advantages. For example, many companies buy real estate to show expenses for your company. With the recent changes, this advantage has come to an end.

Risk-Free Investment Style

Real estate investment is also considered a risk-free investment style. Because it shows less fluctuations compared to other investment instruments. While instant changes in the value of investment instruments such as stocks may occur when investing in investment instruments such as stocks, such fluctuations are less common in real estate investments. For this reason, investors consider real estate investments to be a risk-free investment and include them in their portfolios.


Real estate investment is an important investment tool for achieving future financial goals and a secure future. It has many advantages such as earning regular passive income, benefiting from tax advantages, having a risk-free investment style, creating a family legacy, and achieving financial freedom. Investors can buy real estate with high return potential by investing in developing areas in big cities such as Istanbul. However, before investing, points such as location, transportation, central location, durability, return potential, title deed status and professional support should be taken into consideration. Locale Istanbul aims to provide you with the right service in this regard.

It is clear that real estate investment is not risky and has advantages in terms of regular income and investing in the future. However, it is important to be careful when investing and to choose a solid and valuable real estate in the right location. If you are thinking of investing in real estate by reading our other articleyou can understand when the time is right. For this reason, investors should make the right investment decisions by first conducting a good research and getting professional support. Real estate investment is a risk-free and profitable option for future financial goals.


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