Acquiring assets at different stages of our lives is an important step on the journey to financial security. However, when making a real estate purchase decision, striking the right balance with your income plays a critical role in shaping your financial future. At this point, making the decision to buy a home requires a proper assessment of our savings and financing options.


Örneğin, 3.000.000 TL değerinde bir ev almayı düşündüğümüzde, bu yatırımın %30’unu tasarruflarınızla karşılamalısınız. Geri kalan kısmı ise kredi veya borçlanma modelleriyle tamamlamak mümkündür. Ancak, bu noktada özellikle dikkat edilmesi gereken kritik bir unsurdur: aylık gelirimizle ödeme yapmamız gereken taksitler arasındaki denge. Eğer maaşlı bir çalışansak, bu oranı belirlemek için belirli bir deneyime ihtiyaç duyabilirsiniz. Kendi işinizden gelir elde ediyorsanız, aylık taksit ödemelerini karşılamak adına kazancınızın asgari düzeydeki %30’unu ayırmak önemlidir.

Striking the right balance when buying real estate is critical to meeting financial obligations and securing future finances. Achieving this balance is not only important for financial success, but also for improving quality of life.

Many investors in Turkey are burdened with huge debts in order to own property. These investors resort to this risky path, thinking that they will be able to repay their loans. However, in any unfavorable situation, many people who face economic problems cannot pay their loans, and this situation causes banks to sell the real estate that they confiscate cheaply later.

While investors are often driven by the goal of making a profit, for many this strategy results in losses. In particular, factors such as economic fluctuations or personal financial difficulties can cause an investor to struggle to repay the debts they incurred to own property. This triggers the process of banks foreclosing and selling the properties, resulting in financial losses for many people.

Sustainable and Balanced Approach

Investors should adopt a more balanced and sustainable approach to real estate trading and act in accordance with their financial situation. They can also be more resilient in the face of unexpected situations by planning for the long term. It is important to remember that investments made with the aim of making a profit should be supported by careful analysis and sound financial planning.

Getting the balance of income and expenditure right when buying real estate is laying the foundation for a sustainable financial future. Every individual's financial situation is different, so we need to think carefully about our decisions and assess their long-term impact. Striking the right balance is not only about the present, but also about the future. Let's not forget that the right decisions are important for financial security and quality of life.

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