Real Estate Investment at Different Stages of Life

Life consists of a series of stages and each stage has a different meaning in terms of the needs, goals and priorities of individuals. Real estate investment plays an important role in these stages. People face different considerations about acquiring real estate at turning points in their lives, and this is often the beginning of various stories that span different stages of life.

Youth Period (0-25 years):

Youth is a time of exploration and learning. However, it is often difficult to accumulate large savings at this stage due to the costs of education and start-up costs. The budget to buy real estate is often not available.

Step into Business Life (25-35 years):

During this period, having a fixed income and financial stability often brings the opportunity to invest in real estate. This period can usually be around the age of 35, especially with the average age increasing in recent years.

Marriage and Starting a Family (35 years and older):

The process of marriage and starting a family increases the need for housing and often leads to the purchase of the first home. This phase is a period when real estate purchases intensify.

Pre-retirement (35 years and older):

The pre-retirement period is shaped by the search for security for the future and additional income and investment targets. In this period, real estate is seen as part of long-term plans.

Each stage of life involves different expectations and goals. Real estate investment is also shaped in accordance with the lifestyles and goals of individuals, starting from youth, marriage, becoming a family and pre-retirement. Each stage gains meaning with a different real estate investment story, and these stories have an ever-changing structure like life itself.

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